Dorset Pub Walks

A series of scenic walks in Dorset

Sherborne Walk Directions

Start the walk from the car park just south of Long Street in Sherborne. Walk through into Long Street and turn right. Go straight ahead for approximately half a mile (0.8 Km) - in the process, Long Street becomes Osborne Road. Where Castletown Way forks off to the left, take this fork and then, almost immediately, bear right onto a concrete path that climbs to a pair of metal gates by a set of storage tanks. Go ahead through the right-hand gate, then walk along the left-hand boundary of a field, with a hedge to your left. At this point you gain a view to your right over Sherborne Park, with the ruins of the old castle in the foreground. Go through another metal gate and follow an enclosed track; climb a stile, then follow a narrow path that emerges onto a road (the A30).

Turn right onto a narrow footway alongside the road and follow it for approximately half a mile (0.8 Km), passing Blackmarsh farm on your left. Just past St Cuthbert's church on the right (all that remains of a 16th century chancel), turn right by a public footpath sign alongside a cottage and walk between a wall and fence to a stone stile. Climb this stile and pass under a railway bridge. On the far side, go through a gate to your left and bear left a cross a field to a stile situated two-thirds of the way along the left-hand field boundary. Climb this stile, cross a wooden footbridge and climb a second stile. Bear slightly to the left across a second field to a gate on the far side. Go through the gate and, bearing to the right, go ahead through a third field, climbing gradually to a stile on the far side on the edge of Crackmore Woods. Climb this stile and take the right-hand path that climbs through the woods, which at first parallels the fence to the right before bearing away from it to the left. On reaching the edge of the woods, turn left onto a track, then turn right onto a tarmac drive and pass through the gateway to Sherborne Park.

Follow the tarmac drive and take the first turning on your left. Go through a metal gate and walk ahead until just before a house on your right (Pinford) where you turn sharp right through a metal gate and descend alongside the left-hand edge of a field to a footbridge over the River Yeo. Cross the footberidge and follow the left-hand edge of another field. Go through a kissing-gate in a wall and follow a path (ignoring any side paths/tracks) through bracken that climbs in a roughly a straight line, passing a footpath sign en route. At the top of the climb, keep to the left of a house, go through a kissing-gate, and walk ahead along a track through trees, with a wire fence to your left. on reaching a stile, turn right along a track, ignoring the footpath signed straight ahead. On reaching a tarmac track, turn left for a few yards and then turn right. Turn left along a signposted track in front of some large barns and then bear right to pass behind them. Continue along a straight track through woodland and, where the track bends sharply to the left, keep straight ahead (way-marked) to reach the remains of a wartime camp. Bear left past the camp and, soon after, follow the track as it bends to the right to reach a kissing-gate. Go through the gate (there are good views across the park) and follow a track downhill to another kissing-gate to the right of a thatched lodge. Go through this gate and walk along a broad fenced track which bends slightly to the right before proceeding in a straight line for just under half a mile (0.75 Km) - to your right is the 'new' Sherborne Castle (originally constructed by Sir Walter Raleigh at the end of the 16th century and enlarged in the 17th century by the Digby famiy). At a T-junction with a crossing track, go ahead through a gate and walk along a path across a field, climbing gradually to reach a kissing-gate. Go through the gate and follow the path as it bends to the left and descends diagonally across a steep slope to reach a road (New Road).

Go through a kissing-gate and turn right into the road - in a short distance, turn left into South Street. Walk ahead across a bridge over the River Yeo and then a level crossing over the railway (Sherborne station is to your left) to enter Sherborne. To visit the magnificent abbey (established in 988AD and remodelled in the 15th century), walk up South Street and turn left into Trendle Street. The buildings of Sherborne School, just to the north of the abbey, incorporate the former domestic buildings and cloisters of the abbey.

Sherborne has a number of pubs - see . The car park is off of Long Street - to the right off South Street just north of the Trendle Street junction.